KUSANAGI Ready Project

About KUSANAGI Ready Project

WordPress is an open source CMS software that is used in 25% of the world’s websites. In the official WordPress.org directory there are over 40,000 plugins and 2000 themes that anyone in the world can use. However, it is difficult to judge these plugins and themes to determine if they conform to PHP, have passed a security check, or cause any performance issues.

We examine and verify the compatibility of all versions of PHP and the support of various languages, as well as perform security checks and performance tests on plugins that are often used in enterprise business. The resulting plugins and themes comprise the KUSANAGI Ready Project.

Prime Strategy’s Plan to Contribute

The average WordPress user can now have a means to evaluate the plugins and themes they choose to use, making WordPress easier to use and their businesses more efficient. And, since our standard is based on PHP 7, HHVM, and PHP 5, users who are already using Prime Strategy’s Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI will have a wealth of beneficial information at their fingertips.

This initiative is based on the idea of closing the gap between IT industry vendors and their users, and we hope that with this project we can further contribute to the WordPress community and the industry at large. We hope that it is a determining factor for the success of our KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service.

With KUSANAGI Ready Project, we hope to analyze 100 plugins and themes over a 3-year span, and even if a plugin or theme fails our initial exam, we wish to offer creators a way to revise by sending them patches.

Strengthening Our Organization

Starting with KUSANAGI Ready Project,  our goal is to reinforce our business strategy, so we have enlisted the help of Japan’s leader in web security, the president of HASH Consulting, Hiroshi Tokumaru. And, in order to strengthen the view of our company in the web service market, we have also enlisted the board director of the Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP, Tadashi Yoshimasa, who has launched many partner programs.

Hiroshi Tokumaru


After joining Kyocera Corporation in 1985, he developed software and pursued many projects. In 1999, he was in charge of a certified payment system for cellphones, and became interested in application security. In 2004 he commercialized the field. And in 2008, he became independent and established HASH consulting, specializing in web application security. Alongside his consulting and vulnerability research, he uses blogs and study groups to raise awareness about security. He also has a book, How to Create Secure Web Applications, published by Softbank Creative. He is currently the leader of HASH Consulting, Kyocera Communication Systems Technical Advisor, and part-time research for the Information-technology Promotion Agency. He holds a Professional Engineer license in information engineering.


Tadashi Yoshimasa


Joined Intec Inc. in 1992. Then he became a marketing expert for Novell, Inc., SAP Japan Co., Ltd., Turbolinux Inc., and Infoteria Corporation, as well as creating five partner programs. In 2010 he established the marketing outsourcing company Yoshimasa Sousei Co., Ltd., which he is now president of. He launched it as a Turbolinux Certified Engineer and XML Master taking responsibility in the business, and believing in reinforced education for a safer IT market. Currently he is a founder of the Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP and a member of the Rails Programmer Certification Test Steering Committee. He is also the chairman of BOSS-CON Japan, which promotes business open source starting with PHP and Ruby on Rails.