iae Edunet Mascot Sakura Matsubara’s Study Abroad Diary

We now have high performance operation


Alice in Cyberland Inc.
Haruki Igarashi

As a globally-recognized top class study abroad agent, iae Edunet needed a content site that could withstand 10 million page views a month with ease, and it also needed to be easily updated with the ability to include a lot of graphics. What satisfied both of those demands was KUSANAGI, the world’s fastest (and free) WordPress virtual machine. We had already been using it with success for our Sakura Circle site, and once again we were able to achieve high performance operation without any inconvenience.

Can you tell us what your website, iae Edunet, is about?


The British company Hothouse Media publishes a magazine geared towards study abroad information, called StudyTravel Magazine, which is read in 110 countries around the world. iae Edunet is a website that has won the highest honor in the STM (StudyTravel Magazine) Star Awards, which chooses the most outstanding study abroad agents in the world. The website’s features include articles about study abroad experiences using comics, and content is updated frequently.

Was it easy to configure Let’s Encrypt and HTTP/2 with KUSANAGI?

Even though we are using the latest technologies Let’s Encrypt and HTTP/2, installing them wasn’t inconvenient at all. Also, we were able to get a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt from the very beginning so that we didn’t need to apply for one specifically, giving us peace of mind when making our forms. It’s wonderful that even with HTTP/2 and SSL encryption, our page load speed is very fast.

Why did you decide to use KUSANAGI?

Being able to use a super high speed WordPress virtual machine for free is absolutely fascinating. It also includes the latest technologies, and since so many companies are already using it, there is a sense of  security. Plus, we were already using KUSANAGI for our high school SNS Sakura Circle so we understood how to use it and knew just how fast it could be. We believed that using KUSANAGI again was the best choice we could make.