iae Edunet Mascot Sakura Matsubara’s Study Abroad Diary

We now have high performance operation


Alice in Cyberland Inc.
Haruki Igarashi

As a globally-recognized top class study abroad agent, iae Edunet needed a content site that could withstand 10 million page views a month with ease, and it also needed to be easily updated with the ability to include a lot of graphics. What satisfied both of those demands was KUSANAGI, the world’s fastest (and free) WordPress virtual machine. We had already been using it with success for our Sakura Circle site, and once again we were able to achieve high performance operation without any inconvenience.

Yomiuri Shimbun’s Health Service Info Site yomiDr.

Comment from Kenichi Maruyama

Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo HQ Head of Medical Network Preparation Kenichi Maruyama

Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo HQ
Head of Medical Network Preparation
Kenichi Maruyama

yomiDr. was launched five years ago, and the system that was created for it at the time was now old, and our page views fell to 2,300,000 a month. We didn’t have mobile capability or prevention against data loss, so we thought about renewing the site. For our next CMS, we placed importance on the ease of updating multiple articles. Eventually, we received proposals from three companies, and we considered their skills, achievements in WordPress for enterprises, maintenance availability and cost. We entrusted our site to Prime Strategy. By using KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure, our site performance has greatly improved and we now have 300,000,000 page views a month. Also, time spent operating the site is 1/6th what it was, and costs have been reduced by 50%. On top of that, if a disaster strikes eastern Japan, we can restore the site from a backup in western Japan in less than an hour.

Japan’s Largest Game Strategy Info Site AppMedia

Comment from Noriaki Ikemiya

AppMedia Inc. Engineer/Director Noriaki Ikemiya

AppMedia Inc.
Noriaki Ikemiya

We originally ran the site on our own server. As the site’s page views grew, we made the move to AWS and entrusted our server to another company. We expected more stable performance, but whenever we had heavy traffic the site became unstable. We decided to discuss things with Fastly, and they recommended Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service. Prime Strategy’s proposal was sound and was supported by technological strengths that showed in the performance numbers. And we gained a peace of mind from their commitment to problem-solving. With the attraction of 24/7 site support and the ability to speak to technology experts directly, we ordered the service only a month after proposal.