KUSANAGI9 update 9.0.12-1.el8

KUSANAGI9 update 9.0.12-1.el8

KUSANAGI9 update has been released.

Added support for PHP 8.1.
– In kusanagi init command, --php81 option can be specified.
– In kusanagi php command, --use php81 option can be specified.

Obsoleted support for NGINX 1.18/1.19.
– In kusanagi init command, --nginx118 and --nginx119 options are obsolted.
– In kusanagi nginx command, --use nginx118 and --use nginx119 options are obsolted.

The module update can be applied with the following command:

# dnf update -y

If you are using NGINX 1.18/1.19, please switch to NGINX 1.20/1.21 with the following command:

# kusanagi nginx --use nginx120
# kusanagi nginx --use nginx121