KUSANAGI version upgrade details 7.8.3-5

KUSANAGI version upgrade details 7.8.3-5

After bug fix ,KUSANAGI 7.8.3-5 is now available.On every cloud service, if you are a new user, perform the yum system update covered in the ,KUSANAGI initialization,guide to automatically upgrade to 7.8.3-5 .
If you are currently using a previous version, please enter the following command as root user to upgrade to 7.8.3-5.

# yum update -y kusanagi*

The bug fixs and modifications of 7.8.3-5 are as follows:

  1. Configuration modification of kusanagi monit
  2. Bug fix of kusanagi ssl
  3. Option service of kusanagi provision、configuration 、ssl
  4. Message addition

1. Configuration modification of kusanagi monit

We modified the configuration of kusanagi monit ,the status code 5xx can response correctly.

When you do the version upgrade,run the command kusanagi monit config ,it is necessary to recreate the configuration file of monit .If you do several provisions,designate the profile of each provision,and run the command kusanagi monit config. at last,you should run the command monit again(kusanagi monit off; kusanagi monit on).

# kusanagi monit config [profile]
# kusanagi monit off
# kusanagi monit on

2.Bug fix of kusanagi ssl

Using the command kusanagi ssl to issue the ssl certification later of Let’s Encrypt ,when the Let’s Encrypt turns out to be a failure,there is a bug that the configuration of the WordPress accidentally rewrited.
We correct this at KUSANAGI 7.8.3-5,when issuing the ssl certification of Let’s Encrypt turns out to be a failure,there will not be a rewrite to WordPress.

3. Option service of kusanagi provision,configuration ,ssl

Commands that can use options start with a “-” such as kusanagi provision,kusanagi configuration ,kusanagi ssl and so on ,It will just ignore the options if you use a undefined option.while for KUSANAGI 7.8.3-5 ,if you use a undefined option,there will be a error message and end.

4. Message addition

When set the ssl certification for kusanagi ssl,kusanagi https,httpd or nginx will not restart.
The reason is that it will confirm the configuration file to make sure if the ssl certification had been correctly changed.
While for KUSANAGI 7.8.3-5,if it is necessary to restart httpd/nginx,we modified that there will be a purport message.
the message will be like this “Please check nginx/httpd config files and restart.”,then you should confirm the configuration file and restart httpd or nginx using commands as follows:

# httpd -t
# nginx -t
# kusanagi restart