Developed by Prime Strategy, KUSANAGI is an ultra-fast,open source virtual machine that allows CMS to run at world class speeds.

High Performance

Improved response time with KUSANAGI
Improved response time with KUSANAGI

It brings WordPress execution time to under four milliseconds, and enables 1,000 requests/second, even without page caching. With page caching, this increases to over 60,000 requests/second (both cases 4vCPU maximum performance).


Platforms on which KUSANAGI can be used

KUSANAGI Usage Map (Mar, 2020)
KUSANAGI Usage Map (Mar, 2020)

As of June 2021, KUSANAGI is available in 28 countries and 198 regions, on 27 major platforms internationally, and has had a cumulative 50,000 deployments thus far.

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December 1, 2022 KUSANAGI9 update 9.2.14-1.el8
November 28, 2022 KUSANAGI9 Module Update
November 28, 2022 KUSANAGI Module Update
November 25, 2022 KUSANAGI9 Module Update
November 18, 2022 KUSANAGI9 update 9.2.13-1.el8
November 14, 2022 KUSANAGI9 Module Update
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